Terms and Conditions

The STAEDTLER Teachers' Club Ambassador Search

  1. The winner/s of The STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club Ambassador will be expected to commit at least 3-6 hours per month to create content for the Teachers’ Club social media channels and Facebook Live sessions.
  2. The Ambassador will be required to become ‘editor’ of the Teachers’ Club group when live, and will be asked to monitor this group and respond/interact where necessary.
  3. The Ambassador will be expected to facilitate monthly group discussions on Facebook, using their expertise to create topics for such online conversations.
  4. Video entries will not be shared publicly across the TC channels but will be privately judged by STAEDTLER (UK) Ltd.
  5. The teacher/s chosen as the Teachers’ Club Ambassador will be given an initial bundle of £270 worth of stationery for their school, plus additional stationery bundles once every term for a year, worth £40 each.
  6. The winning teacher/s chosen will also be rewarded with an initial stationery goody bag for personal use, and an additional stationery bundle at the beginning of every school term for a year.
  7. The winning Ambassador/s will be expected to fulfil the voluntary role for 1 year (Starting in May 2018).
  8. STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club will sponsor the winning Ambassador’s school, not the teacher, meaning that if the winner changes school, their new place of employment will not receive stationery bundles.
  9. The Ambassador will retain their title if they change their place of employment (providing it is another Primary school) but sponsorship will be upheld by the original school.
  10. If the Ambassador does not fulfil the duties highlighted in the above terms and conditions and in the required form of agreement, their Ambassador title and the winning school’s sponsorship will be withdrawn.
  11. Only one entry per email address is permitted.
  12. Group entries are permitted but each entrant must be a Teachers’ Club member and they must work at the same school.
  13. The closing date for the competition is 11.59pm on Sunday, 22nd April, unless otherwise specified.
  14. Entries will be judged by STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club and STAEDTLER (U.K.) Ltd.
  15. The winner will be notified during w/c 23rd April.
  16. The winner will be announced during w/c 07 May.
  17. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the winner. If the winner does not respond within 7 days STAEDTLER (U.K) Ltd reserve the right to offer the position to a different entrant.