Stay motivated on the National Day of Encouragement

It's only Tuesday, which means you'll need it...


September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement, so we thought we’d gather up a few of our favourite teacher quotes so that when it’s starting to feel like you can’t keep up with the reality of being back in school, or that last coffee didn’t quite give you the boost of energy you needed, then instead you can use our little reminders that you are great!

Here are some of the best 5 second pep talks we could find to bring you back from the brink of teacher burnout (it really is a real phenomenon!) and get you ready to take on the world.

And hey, if these don't do it for you, just remember... there's only 49 days until October half term!
















What quotes keep you motivated throughout the school term? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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