Self-care tips for Blue Monday

6 practices of self-care for teachers, inspired by the ways of little ones

Give yourself some ‘time out’. (A time-out corner is optional!) 

We mean it. Put yourself in a silent time out. Have 5-10 minutes of saying nothing — not even a whisper. Your brain deserves a few minutes to centre itself in comforting silence.

Try to involve your class and get them meditating for a short period, too (and hope that a new class routine sets in! 






Get creative

There is no other person better equipped to scribble away than you. Colouring is no longer just for children; get yourself an adult colouring book and doodle away to your heart’s content. We promise it will make you feel better, it’s scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and increase mindfulness after all…  




Engage your imagination. 

Keeping your students engaged is stressful, so why not make light of your workload? While your pupils are busy, write down the most random story that you can think of in 200 words or less. If you need inspiration, think about the last thing a student said to you. 

Better yet, write a parable (yes, just like in the bible). Write or devise an interesting, fictional story with twists and turns that leads to an important moral lesson and share this with your pupils. If the image of your pupils sharing your story over dinner with their parents doesn’t bring a smile to your face, what will?




Reward yourself with a snack. 

There’s no need to justify this one, is there? Grab a healthy snack (or more likely, chocolate) for being such a kind and patient teacher. Pat yourself on the back for getting through today; you deserve it!





Take a nap. 

Go home this evening and catch a quick snooze (before you need to be an adult, get dinner ready and prepare tomorrow’s lesson plan).  If you drank too much coffee throughout the day to make this possible — or simply don’t want to disturb your sleeping pattern — enjoy a calming bubble bath.





Go on an adventure!

Use Dora the Explorer as your inspiration!

Enjoy a twenty-minute walk to a place you normally drive past on your way home. Take some photos of extremely regular things in the area and update your Instagram — just like you’d do on holiday. Take your followers with you on an adventure that’s virtually on your doorstep. 




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