3 Simple Ways To Stay Positive Throughout The Academic Year

It’s perfectly normal to lose momentum….

It’s natural for there to be dips in our sense of well-being at various stages of the term, especially a couple of months into the New Year.

With long and exhausting days in work, and the end of term feeling like it’s a million miles away - it’s pretty easy for the ‘new year, new you’ mentality to wear off a little.

So – what can you do to keep the positivity ‘alive’ day to day?

Remember why you love teaching

On a bad day, it’s important to remember why you chose to teach in the first place.

Knowing that you are making a difference to a child’s life? Now that’s worth smiling about.

Plan things to look forward to


Planning things to do may help you get through what can sometimes feel like a long term ahead.

From a weekend break, day trip, meals out or in with friends, a holiday at half term or to even developing a bucket list – an exciting itinerary in the pipeline can keep spirits high.

Reflection and gratitude


Jotting down the three highlights of your day every evening before hitting the pillow could make a big difference to your mood. This will encourage you to think of the positives, even if it’s been a particularly tough day.

You could even extend this exercise and list three things you hope to achieve tomorrow.

How do you stay positive throughout the year? If you have any further tips to share with fellow teachers, tweet us @TeachersClubUK 

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