What type of Teacher are you?

You are guaranteed to fall under at least one category..

The Coffee Addict


No teaching day can start without coffee. It’s NOT an addiction though – it’s just needed to get through the day.


The UBER Organized


Organisers and planners are your favourite things. No lesson can possibly go ahead without every single minute planned out.

There’s not many teachers who can get themselves as organized as you can! 


Lover of ‘Quiet Time’ 


The after-lunch slump is the perfect time for some silent reading (aka a bit of peace and quiet). It’s the equivalent of a power nap because it helps you and your class re-charge and focus, which is very often a challenge after break time.


The Patient One


No child can make you lose your patience. You’re calm, collected and can handle every classroom situation without barely raising your voice at all.

You’re every teacher’s aspiration!


The Grammar Police


You’ve been known to shout over the tiniest of grammatical errors. You are overly picky with apostrophes and typos, and your pet hate is when ‘there, their or they’re’ is written incorrectly. It’s just habit for you!


The Inspiration


Your students look up to you are their role model. You don’t know how you’ve done it, but somehow you’ve become the most respected teacher in the school. Your colleagues envy you massively for it, because you’re pretty much the model of a perfect teacher.


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