The 3 Stages of Back To School Fever

As told by real teachers...

We're one week into the New Term and wanted to know how teachers *really* feel after the first week back.

So we asked. And you have spoken...

1. Tired. Just tired.

"I'm already looking forward to a long weekend!" - Michelle Jones

"Exhausting - I'm looking forward to a bank holiday" - Claire Morrison 

2. Grateful


"Students make it all worthwhile" - Sophie Clifton-Tucker

"Great. Loving teaching P1/2s which I haven't taught before. New term, new job!" - Liz Brough


3. Motivated


"We have had a great return back to school. Kids are refreshed and raring to go, I have some exciting engaging activities and trips planned at fear SATs are over and we can be truly creative!" - Angela Marsay 

"Brilliant. The kids make me smile so much. It's like we haven't been away and I love it" - Emma Louise

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