Kelly's End Of Term Gift Ideas

If you, like Kelly, have left it to the last-minute, we hope these six simple ideas will help!

It’s safe to say that teaching is as manic as ever, so like me, you may have forgotten to sort an end of year gift for your class. If you’re still in search of something small, then here are some last-minute ideas that might just do the trick...

1. A letter

This may take a bit of time, but can be a lovely way to say a personal ‘goodbye’ to each child in your class. Or if time is not on your side, write one letter to hand out to the whole class – it’ll give them something they can treasure forever.

2. A bookmark

There are plentyof free pre-made end of term bookmarks online that can be printed and laminated, like this one from Twinkl. But instead, you could create your own simple template, write a personal message, and then photocopy for each child. A handy, yet thoughtful gift that will encourage the children to read during the summer holidays!

And if your pupils still aren’t back in school, why not send the bookmarks via e-mail for them to print at home?

Photo credit: Botanical PaperWorks

3. A virtual goodbye

As an easy, heartfelt way of saying goodbye, how about sharing your thoughts through a short video? Simply set up your smartphone or camera and film yourself reading out your favourite moments from the year, complete with some words of wisdom for the future. The techno-whizzes among us might want to add in a few pictures and video clips of the class, too!

4. A PowerPoint

What teacher doesn’t love a good PowerPoint? Find some photos of your class from throughout the school year, add in a handful of snazzy transitions and animations, throw in some background music, and there you have a lovely trip down memory lane for the children.

5. Poetry

If you’re feeling creative, you could even write a poem about your class. Short on time? Keep it simple with an acrostic poem – always a crowd pleaser.

Photo credit: JetPens

6. A quiz

Children love quizzes. In fact – so do adults! Create your own end of year quiz, with questions linked to events and activities that your class would have taken part in during the year. You could do it in the class or even send the kids home to complete as an after-school task. While not necessary, a prize is always a brilliant incentive.

Are you doing an end of year gift? We’d love to know what you have planned!

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