How to make a Gingerbread person decoration

Follow these simple instructions and get crafty with your pupils!

We've created our own Christmas crafts using STAEDTLER Fimo, and here's how you can make it!

Watch the full video over on our Facebook page, but here's all the information you need to enjoy an arty session with your pupils...

What you'll need:

  • Plenty of FIMO (including brown, brown, pink, white, red and green)

  • A rolling pin

  • FIMO modelling tools

  • Ribbon

  • A gingerbread person cutter

Step one

Using a rolling pin, roll out a good chunk of FIMO brown until about 0.5cm deep. Making sure it's big enough, slowly press on your gingerbread cutter.

Give it a little wiggle and pull off the excess FIMO, leaving just the gingerbread shape. Tidy up the edges with a FIMO modelling tool.


Step two

Take some FIMO red and roll out three little balls in roughly the same size. Push together and form into a bow tie shape, squaring out the edges and using a modelling tool to carve out some crease lines. 

Place onto the gingerbread shape and adjust as necessary. This is quite fiddly so you may need to help your pupils with this!


Step three

Roll out two tiny FIMO green blobs and place onto the gingerbread shape for buttons. 

Do the same again for two eyes, but take time to make the blobs exactly the same size and press onto the shape using your finger. 


Step four

In the same way, place two small blobs onto the gingerbread person's face for cheeks and white blobs for pupils.

Using a modelling tool, create a half moon shape for the mouth. 


Step five

Roll out four thin tubes of FIMO whit, and carefully place onto each arm and leg of the gingerbread shape, twisting it as you press down so it creates a squiggle.

Cut off the excess with a modelling tool and make sure each one is attached at both sides.



And that's it!

To see the full how-to video, you can watch it over on our Facebook page. We'd love to see your  Christmas crafts, so feel free to share with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Merry Christmas from STAEDTLER Teachers' Club

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