How to make an end of term gift bag

Treat your pupils for all their hard work this year!


Follow this simple guide and make your pupils a fun end-of-year treat to reward them for their hard work in class this year.

What you'll need:

  • Sticky tape

  • 1 roll of clear wrapping film

  • 1 long piece of ribbon

  • Scissors

  • An elastic band

  • A keyring

  • A gift tag

  • A selection of stationery

Step one

Cut a long piece of ribbon (you'll need this to tie the goody bag at the end). Then, cut a generous amount of clear wrapping film and fold over both sides to form a long tube. 

Step two

Use sticky tape to seal the tube, then again at the bottom so you've created a bag. Cut off any excess wrapping film if the bag is too long.

Note - you may find it easier to purchase ready-made gift bags, which are available in most craft shops.

Step three

Collect your stationery in one hand and tie over an elastic band to hold it all together. Then, drop all loose items into the bag (except for the keyring and gift tag) and stationery.

Step four

Once everything is in the bag, you may want to cut the bag again so it's level with the tallest items inside. Thread the long piece of ribbon through the gift tag and keyring loop, and tie the ribbon around the top of the bag (making sure to conceal the elastic bag tied around the stationery).

Step five

Write on your gift tag to thank each pupil for their hard work throughout the school year... and that's it!


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