Your autumn term survival guide

From setting yourself motivational goals to building a strong rapport with new parents, here are seven ways to help you successfully get through the autumn term.

1. Prep, prep and more prep 


Hit the ground running and make sure there’s a clear structure in place this term… which must  include a folder full of fresh ideas and a gallon of your finest staffroom coffee.

2. Set the tone 


Use the first few weeks of term to build a solid rapport with your students. Set clear boundaries and drill crucial components such as school procedures and classroom expectations — making your job a lot  easier for the rest of the school year.


3. Get to know your students...and their names


Ask your students to draw their favourite hobbies and places, enabling you to associate activities and locations to different pupils (also helping with the frightful task of remembering everyone’s name).

4. Meet the parents 


Step out of your classroom, introduce yourself and be pro-active in getting to know your student’s parents/guardians.

5. Have clear Autumn term targets 


Use your term targets as physical reminders that you’re on track, meeting your objectives and making the best use of your time at work.

6. Create 'wow' factor wall displays 


Clear out the clutter, remove old artwork and invest time in making your classroom a creative and inspirational space. This will set the mood for the year ahead — as well as making it a positive learning space.

7. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day


Take a step back, make time for yourself and remember that some things can wait until tomorrow. It’s important to separate your daily work load from your ever-escaping personal life.

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