The life of a teacher – as told by “The Real Housewives”

The Real Housewives help narrate a week in the life of a UK primary school teacher.

1. When you arrive to work early, debuting a fresh haircut, wearing a new outfit with clear and achievable goals for the week ahead.

2. When the weekly staff meeting is about to finish and then the overly enthusiastic, eager teacher says…


3. When ‘that’ child in your class continues to test you at every single obstacle throughout the day and you finally snap…

4. When you agree to various out of hours responsibilities and then the realisation of what your life has become sinks in.

5. When parent/teacher conference starts to become passionate and the volume is getting out of hand. 

6. When a child in your class points out a grammatical error in your presentation after you’ve spent all of last-night finishing it. 

7. When you are doing some weekly shopping and you see a pupil with their parents.

8. When it’s 5:30 on a Friday, you’ve just finished lesson prepping and as you carry the mound of marking to your car you bump into a colleague…


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