8 Reasons Why Teachers Become Teachers

No two days are ever the same...

1. It's an opportunity to learn, as well as teach


For those who are constantly seeking new challenges, this is definitely the career for you!


2. You'll see your work being put into practice by others


As a teacher, you're on the front line of seeing visible changes and improvements in your students as a result of the hard work you've put into lesson planning and teaching them. 


3. Now, you can pretty much work all over the world


International schools are ever-growing, meaning if you are a qualified teacher, your skills are high-transferable. You can explore and teach at the same time — what's not to love?


4. Holidays


OK, so we aren't saying that you won't have to do any lesson planning during your time off, but having paid time off in between each academic year is definitely a bonus!


5. No two days are ever the same

6. It's more than just a job


Teaching is a passion, and not just a job! You're responsible for educating the future generation, and act as a mentor and friend for your students — a pretty big responsibility when you think about it!


7. You can truly make the most of your stationery habit


If you've got even a slight stationery obsession, it's bound to flourish if you become a teacher. Guaranteed to become a big part of your live, you'll find yourself becoming overly protective of your pencils... 


8. You'll positively change the lives of others


Any great teacher wants to help their students as much as possible and shape their future in a positive way. We think that's a pretty great thing to do. 


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