The emotions of a primary school teacher – as told by contestants from 'Love Island’

1. The excitement of a new stationery delivery   


2. When a student asks to ‘borrow’ stationery that you know you will never get back


3. The frustration when a colleague is trying to talk to you during break time but all you care about is eating


4. The sheer joy that comes with finding leftover cake in the staff room


5. Thoughts of revenge when you find out who stole your stapler


6. The sense of pride both you and your TA feel when another teacher copies your classroom display


7. Finding out you and your TA will be working together again next year


8. The awkwardness when someone tells you the photocopier is jammed and it was your fault


9. The resistance to hold back your ‘teacher voice’ in public situations


10. The sense of shame when a student points out a spelling mistake on the board


11. Making students look at each other like this when you catch them doing something naughty


12. Feeling exhausted but remembering the end of term is fast approaching