The emotions of a primary school teacher during December – as told by The Grinch

1. Being unable to hide your excitement when the Christmas break is finally within reach.

2. Accepting yet another last-minute responsibility for the highly anticipated end-of-term play.

 3. Feeling overcome with anger when you spot a colleague wearing the same Christmas jumper as you…


4. The sense of self-loathing and regret you feel after finishing your third mince pie of the day.


5. When you treat your class to some festive arts and crafts before remembering how messy glitter and glue actually is.


6. When the final staff meeting finishes ten minutes early…

7. When a child in your class declares they’ve forgotten their costume for the Christmas play

…before finding it ‘hidden’ at the bottom of their bag five minutes later.

8. Feeling super proud of yourself for creating some really special gift bags for your students

…and shortly after finding out your work frenemy completely copied your idea.

9. Leaving school for the Christmas break…


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