Differences between UK and US primary schools

They're worlds apart..

1. School uniform in the US


There is no uniform!

School uniform in the UK 


For around 90% of schools in the UK, uniform is compulsory. And some of the uniforms are quite *out-there*...

2. School trips in the US


Fun in the sun. At Disneyland. With a hoard of well behaved kids. Hmmm.

School trips in the UK


It's ALWAYS raining. But we like it, okay?!

3. School playgrounds in the US


Green grass and blue skies. Pretty slick.

School playgrounds in the UK


Not as glamorous – but come on, ours has SERIOUS character.

4. School meals in the US


This looks pretty grim but is probably outrageously delicious. Zero points on the health scale though.

School meals in the UK


We take health in the school canteen pretty seriously. The words – Jamie Oliver –  spring to mind.


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