Back to School Expectation vs. Reality

New term, new you?

The summer holidays are coming to an end, and we need cheering up. Here are all those things that we promise to stick to in preparation for a new school year. Spoiler - they never quite turn out as hoped.

1. You'll be super organised

Expectation – No more panicking to complete lesson plans or losing stationery next term. Your desk will be perfectly organised every day, alongside your to-do list (which you’ll complete in time every week).

Reality – It’s not even two weeks into the new term and you’re already behind on your to-do list, lesson planning and your desk is a bombsite. How did this happen? 


2. You'll make an effort to look AMAZING every day

Expectation – You’ll plan each outfit the night before and wake up 30 minutes earlier so you look your very best every day.

Reality – The snooze button is just too tempting. Brushing your teeth is hard enough, let alone curling your hair. It was worth a try!


3. Practice kindness and patience

Expectation – You’ll be a calmer and more tolerant version of yourself, adapting new and improved habits in class to make it a better place.

Reality – It’s day two and your patience is drawing seriously thin – you’re already exhausted so any misbehavior will trigger your darker side. Maybe it’s just who you are.


4. You and the staff will have loads to catch up on

Expectation – You’ve been away from each other for six whole weeks, and can’t wait to catch up on everything that’s been going on.

Reality – After five minutes of discussing how great your holidays were, you’ve realised all you ever talk about is teaching anyway. That was disappointing. 


5. You'll make your own lunch

Expectation - You’ll make a packed lunch every day until Christmas and routine will become your forte.

Reality – Chips are on the school menu today? Yes please.


Chips are life


Are we right or are we right? Share your new term wins and fails with us @TeachersClubUK