7 things teachers always say in an emergency

Some of the most common phrases teachers use (and what you really mean by them)

1. "This is your LAST warning"


What you really mean is that there’ll be several more warnings, but you just don’t have an alternative solution. Eventually it works though, so yeah, BEHAVE.


2. "It's your time that you're wasting, not mine"


This is a last resort - you don’t really know what else to threaten your students with, but what else is there to lose?


3. "I've decided to postpone the test so you have more time to prepare"


What’s really meant by this is that you’ve made plans for the first time since the school year started (plans that don’t involve marking or doing chores). Teachers have social lives too, you know!


4. "We have a visitor today so please be on your best behaviour!"


You’re really saying that this is a compulsory agreement, not a compromise. You know the deal, there’ll be a film in the next lesson if they can simply be the perfect pupils for half an hour.


5. "I don’t care what Mr Davies said, this is how we’re doing it"


You want things done your own way and have become way too protective over your lesson plans! Your way is the highway… 


6. "I am a very organised person"


What you’re really saying is that usually you used to be an organised person, but now school has come along and crushed it. Organised mess is fine though, isn't it?!


7. "I need a glass of wine"


You actually mean ‘I need a bottle of wine.’


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