12 tell-tale signs of a teacher enjoying the summer holidays

Just in case you’ve forgotten you’re a teacher, and it’s the summer holidays… here are a few ways to know for sure!

1. Starting your morning a lot later than usual….

Your alarm hasn’t been used in weeks and nothing is going to get in the way of you having nine hours sleep

2. Avoiding bumping into your pupils at every cost

After spending almost every day with them since September 2017, the last thing you want is to bump into anyone vaguely school-related… so you find yourself hiding in the strangest places.

3Having no idea what day of the week it is

Is it Tuesday? Or Sunday? It makes absolutely no difference to you right now!

4. Forgetting most other people have to work during the school holidays

Wondering why everyone is unavailable to go for lunch with you, and then you realise why…

5. You can’t seem to get the school syllabus out of your head

6. Finally getting the time to do the jobs you’ve been meaning to do for months

Ironing = check, gardening = done, wardrobe = organised

7.  It’s been weeks since you’ve said ‘don’t put that in your mouth/ear/nose’

…and it’s pure bliss.

8. Already beginning to dread the start of next term

Summer has only just begun and you’re already dreading the inevitable return…  

9. However, you still find yourself browsing the internet for classroom inspiration 

*I will have the coolest classroom this year*

10. You have the time to read (for fun)

It feels amazing to be able to read a book without having to look out for grammatical errors.

11. Anyone that asks you when school starts again

*Rolls eyes*

12. You probably have enough stationery for next term… but you just can’t resist

Is there such a thing as too much stationery? *Buys another set of STAEDTLER pens*


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