The 12 stages of primary school trips

Your experience of primary school trips in a nutshell...

The end of term is looming which means it’s time to start planning the annual end of year school trip. Whilst some teachers are excited about the prospect of broadening their pupils’ horizons and enriching their learning experiences, we all know that it can be more stressful than fun.

We’ve highlighted the 12 stages of a primary school trip, from planning through to travelling, right through to the end of the day (when a nap will be required)…


1. When the Headteacher tells you it’s time to take your class on a school trip


2. …and then it hits you that you have a mammoth organisational task ahead


3. Becoming far too engrossed in making plans for the day


4. When the head teacher picks holes in your itinerary



5. Realising your budget only allows for a two hour bus ride to an obscure museum with free entry



6. The day of the trip arrives and you are definitely not ready for what is about to happen


7. Five minutes into the bus journey and half the class is making their way through a stash of sweets and chocolate (and it’s only 9am)


8. When the kids at the back of the bus start playing up


9. …and one of the Parent Volunteers ignores your rules


10. When your headcount doesn’t add up


11. A pupil is travel sick on the way home after eating too many sweets



 12. FINALLY returning back to school





What are your most memorable things from your recent school trips?

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