10 things you’ll definitely remember from when you were in Primary School

Some blasts from your schooling past - but how many of them are still relevant to your class today?

1. The Video Lesson

Sit back and relax — seeing this was the best feeling in the world. 

2. The Supply Teacher

 Party time.

3. Taking your Tamagotchi to School


You couldn't leave it at home and let it die of starvation. Again.

4. Joined Up Writing Classes


Unleashing your inner scribe.

5. You could pick up a 'Freddo' bar for 10p in the canteen

… So you bought 3 at a time.

6. Modifying your behaviour for house points


If only.

7. Playing the recorder...


… But at least it wasn't a violin.

8. Being called out for talking during Assembly

The moment you realised life isn't fair.

9. Parents on School trips

Always the same faces.

10. Becoming a Prefect for the first time

Your first authority trip.


What are the things your remember about being a primary school student?

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