10 reasons why you should enter World Kids Colouring Day 2018

It’s the 10th anniversary, and this year’s theme is “Typically British".

Here are 10 reasons why your class should get involved...

1. It's FREE. . . 


Any UK primary school teacher can get involved for FREE. All you have to do is become a member of our club, and you can do this here.


2. You'll help us celebrate a truly momentous occasion.


It’s been a decade since STAEDTLER started encouraging children to colour, making the world a better and more colourful place. Your class can get involved here 


3.You'll receive a free stationery pack when you enter.


Every teacher that becomes a member and enters their class into the competition will receive a FREE stationery pack as a 'thank you' from us… So, why wait? 


4. It's the perfect opportunity to get creative in class. 


The competition is guaranteed to engage your students and encourage them to explore our culture and traditions while unleashing their artistic talent.


5. You'll have access to KS1 & KS2 competition sheets PLUS 3 bonus activity sheets.



Our activity sheets are filled with tricky quiz questions, animations and patriotic puzzles… It’ll definitely keep your class busy and entertained (for ages). 


6. It will motivate your students whilst also educating them. 


This year’s theme, ‘Typically British’, will test your student’s knowledge around UK history but also invite them to celebrate the diverse range of traditions and cultures recognised in Britain through art and creativity. Plus, they'll get the chance to be crowned at the winner of World Kids Colouring Day 2018...


7. Our winners will receive a classroom workshop. 


The lucky winners and their classmates will experience a creative workshop with award-winning artist and caricaturist, Picasso Griffiths. 


8. You can win a hoard of stationery for your school!


The winners and runners-up will receive £250 worth of STAEDTLER stationery, a WKCD 2018 certificate PLUS goody bags.  Think of all the matching pencils…

9. This year, we're supporting an international charity!


For every pupil that enters, STAEDTLER will donate 1 to its chosen children’s charity, Plan International… Surely that’s reason enough to get your class involved?


10. It's both fun and positive


World Kids Colouring Day is all about promoting positivity and STAEDTLER’s main focus has always, and will always be to inspire people to get creative through drawing. 


Don’t forget to send in your entries by Sunday, 06 June for a chance to be shortlisted.

We can’t wait to see your entries!


STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club